WELTKUNSTZIMMER Residency and Goethe Institut Bangalore meets Ben J. Riepe & FREIRAUM

Together with the „bangaloREsidency-Expanded“ program of the Goethe Institut Bangalore, led by Maureen Gonsalves, and in collaboration with the Ben J. Riepe and FREIRAUM, two artists* from Bangalore have been invited to Düsseldorf for the period from November 2 to December 18, 2021. The six-week residency of Sonia Soney and Ainesh Madan was part of the WELTKUNSTZIMMER residency.

In 2022 we continued the bangaloREsidency-Expanded Program of Goethe Institute Bangalore in collaboration with WELTKUNSTZIMMER. Movement artist Deepanwita Roy was in residence at WELTKUNSTZIMMER from May 9 to June 21, working at the Ben J. Riepe Company’s FREIRAUM, among other venues.  Deepanwita Roy’s six-week stay was part of the WELTKUNSTZIMMER residency, which includes other exchange collaborations in Tbilisi (Georgia)/Yerevan (Armenia) and Osaka (Japan).

Deepanwita Roy is an independent contemporary movement artis, working as a dancer, performer and creator. Her works are aimed to create impact on the environmental, social and personal level and focuses on researching inward movements. Trained as a movement artist and educated as a Biotechnology engineer, she looks beyond her genres of training and education to test the limit of her creative potential. A risk taker and a lover of nature, she often goes out of her comfort zone experimenting her ideas and connects her practice to address social and environmental issues. She believes movement is the way to humanity that can bring changes in person and society. She aspires to bring development in Indian movement practice and create a self sustainable structure connecting art and nature.