Archive Guests

In the archive, we list artists who have used our ATELIER and co-working space as a possibility for collaborative work in their research and conception phase, as well as for the start of joint rehearsals. We documented smaller presentations and internal showings.
If you would like to contact the artists, please send us an email.


Giacomo Luci - Dance

„The research I’m working on is inspired by an exchange with the french artist Jean-Baptiste Ganne on the themes of pleasure, resistance, fighting and falling: it was he who told me about a form of martial art known as drunken fist, where the fighter, thanks to a state of drunkenness, manages to distract the opponent and deliver punches with his unpredictability.

Yet in this space there are no physical opponents, the combat is the fight of the wandering madman – in whom I see strongly Hoffmann and Schumann’s figures – who clashes with his own inner demons. (Perhaps this figure will be Kreisler further on the research?

The tape and installation elements are in some ways a reference to Jean-Baptiste Ganne’s Cosa Mentale, Jean Luc Godard’s La Chinoise, Tracey Emin’s My bed, and the scenography of the ballet Jeune Homme et la Mort.”

Instagram: @giacomoluci

Daniel Smith - Dance

I will spend 3 weeks in the FREIRAUM for the beginning of the creative process for my upcoming piece „Sorry You Feel That Way“. My research for this piece is based on themes of neurodiversityand communication. I am trilled to be working with the dancers Valentina Restrepo, YingYun Chen and Arthur Stashak with original music by Yoav Bosidan.

My research and creation is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Instagram: @danielsmith_88

Enora Gemin - Dance and Performance

Project research at FREIRAUM

Celestial or Abyssal, whether she is half-bird in Greek myths or half-fish among the Celts, the mermaid is a female gender figure who has the particularity of not belonging to the terrestrial domain. Deprived from roots, born of the fear of men, she is a phantasmagorical figure, existing only as a mirage. Only showing itself in circumstances of sea travels, the proof of her realness lies in the words of men. Without their voices, hers does not exist. Without their eyes, her body has no flesh.Beyond the gaze of men, who is she, and where else can hold her existence? What does she desire? Towards what does she tend to evolve? What inner journey does she experience ?

The piece « Incertae sedis », named after the Latin expression meaning „of uncertain seat“ used to designate a taxon whose position in the scientific classification of life is not yet fully defined, aims to approach the figure of the mermaid in a phenomenological sense.

Instagram: @enoradc_artist

Florian Entenfellner - Dance

Rehearsals for „Survival Kit“ at FREIRAUM.

„In einer Zusammenkunft von Menschen passiert immer wieder ein kleiner Urknall, in dem sich eine neue Welt zwischen den Teilhabenden auftut. Wer wir wirklich sind, was aus uns werden könnte? Wer kann das mit Sicherheit behaupten?

Du siehst, wie du suchst, dich verhältst, du liebst, du verlässt, dich einlässt, aufgibst, hoffst, verlierst oder gewinnst?
Du siehst dich fallen, fangen, gehalten, springen, gefangen gehalten, loslaufen, landen, aufgefangen,
Du siehst, wie du geliebt, ersehnt, fallen gelassen, erfüllt, umgeworfen, … wirst.
Du beobachtest dich selbst in der Bewegung zweier Körper…“

Mit: Evangelos Poulinas, Lara Pilloni & Florian Entenfellner.

Instagram: @floentenfellner, @larapilloniphoto, @evangelos_poulinas

January 2023
Alishanee Chafe Hearmon - Dance

Project research at FREIRAUM.

Instagram: @alishaneee

January 2023


Cheers For Fears - Network

Project research at FREIRAUM.

„Politische Fragen! Künstlerische Antworten?“. Das war der Titel des #traumformat von Eva Grütgen und Leslie Buttler. In großer Unterstützung durch Cheers for Fears wurde ein Wochenende rund um virulente Themen zwischen Kunst und Politik geschaffen.

January 2023

Daniel Brandl & Emily Welther - Dance & Music

Project research „Equilibrium“ at FREIRAUM.

Daniel Brandl and Emily Welther combine the media of dance, performance and acoustic/electronic music, exploring sound as vibrations created through contact between bodies. They seek a different way of listening, seeing and approaching.
Their current piece, equilibrium, asks how to create a balance between the senses that could then expand and change the audible and visual boundaries between me and you.

Instagram: @DanielWeltraum, @Emilywe

Vivien Kovarbašić - Dance

Project research at FREIRAUM.

Instagram: @vielavi

January 2023

Isabelle Wenzel - Dance & Photography

Project research at FREIRAUM.

„We working on self-empowerment, especially in the fashion industry. The performative images we going to make are about the power of looking- and being looked at. About giving an image and being in charge of it. The performers we are working with having non-conventional body forms and make a statement against the normative forms of bodies in media and in society.“

January 2023