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The FREIRAUM, collaborative space for concept and work for the arts and science, has been perceived as an “artist run space” since 2020, as operated by the Ben J. Riepe team. The FREIRAUM consists of two ATELIERs, which can be reserved by artists free of charge. The Co-Working-Space is open from mon to fri, 10 am to 4 pm and does not require any special registration.

Opening hours
Co-Working Space

Open mo to fr, 10 am to 4 pm
Closed 29 mar and 1 apr
Düsseldorf, Engelbertstr. 13

Start the day Moving

The “Bewegte Start in den Tag” is our morning format that offers a free training session twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for professionals as well as beginners.

27 & 29 febr Dawna Dryhorub – Flexibility

05 mar Jelena Ivanovic – Yoga
07 mar Elisa Marschall – Yoga
12 & 14 mar Leonie Türke – Ballett für Anfänger*innen
19 & 21 mar Marcela Ruiz – Dance
26 mar Hanna Maxi Schumacher – Kundalini Yoga
28 mar Phaedra Pisimisi – Movement Improvisation

Info & Registration

FREIRAUM Salon #28
Wednesday, 06 mar
Artists & Intimacy

Physical contact is part of the job description of performing artists – on, in front of and behind the stage. It is assumed, accepted, demanded. Every stunt or fight is choreographed, intimate touching is almost never. What does it take to create “brave spaces”? After a workshop (5-6pm) on intimacy coordination for performing artists with the actress Hanna Werth, there will be a theoretical input on the topic “Your worst fear, your best fantasy – Intimacy Coordination in the Performing Arts” by Adele Mike* Dittrich Frydetzki as part of the FREIRAUM Salon, which is open to all professionals participating in the workshop as well as all other interested parties. Mike explores the (non-)consensual modes of communication of artistic rehearsal processes, traditional and experimental strategies of staging sex and intimacy through the work of intimacy coordination and searches for alternative forms of communication and representations of a sexual knowledge practice that is oriented towards subcultures and queer-feminist theories.

Please register informally by e-mail to freiraum@benjriepe.com.

©Philipp Alfons Heitmann

Thursday, 29 febr
Open Meeting

To all film actors from Düsseldorf and NRW!
Tired of doing the e-casting alone?
Tired of introducing yourself to your audition partner?
Fancy regular meetings?
Let`s connect – just drop by!

Opening “digital agora”

On March 1, 2023 at 6 p.m., the Ben J. Riepe Team opened the “Digital Agora” with works by:

Anno Bolender/Lukas Picard, Céline Bellut, Luise Flügge/Katharina Maister, MEMORY EMPYRE, Gulliver DeLarge, Naoto Hieda , Brigitte Huezo, Andrea Isa, Robin Junicke/Miriam Michel, Katharina Kemme, Danila Lipatov, merighi | mercy, Ying Xiao

Enter the digital agora >>


Critical Distance

We are absolutely delighted to be presenting the next two editions of our Project “Critical Distance“ with two pivotal figures of the South-East Asian Art scene: Bharatanatyam dancer-choreographer, yoga practitioner, scholar, and social activist Navtej Johar and Mithu Sen, who performs conceptual and interactive multi-format byproducts which among others include drawing, performance, poetry, moving images, sculptures, installations, sound, to explore and subvert hierarchical codes and rules.

You can find the Videos here

Corona Info

Please stay at home if you feel ill. For formats like the “FREIRAUM Salon” as well as for the “Bewegten Start in den Tag” we recommend a voluntary self-test from the pharmacy or the supermarket, as we will do sports or eat together.