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The FREIRAUM, collaborative space for concept and work for the arts and science, has been perceived as an “artist run space” since 2020, as operated by the Ben J. Riepe team.

The FREIRAUM consists of two ATELIERs, which can be reserved by artists free of charge. The Co-Working-Space is open from mon to fri, 10 am to 6 pm and does not require any special registration.

Opening hours
FREIRAUM Co-Working Space

Open mo to fr, 10 am to 6 pm
Düsseldorf, Engelbertstr. 13

Closed from 19 dec 2022 – 8 jan 2023

Corona Info

Please stay at home if you feel ill. For formats like the “FREIRAUM Salon” as well as for the “Bewegten Start in den Tag” we recommend a voluntary self-test from the pharmacy or the supermarket, as we will do sports or eat together.

Start the day Moving

The “Bewegte Start in den Tag” is our morning format that offers a free training session twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for professionals as well as beginners.

In November with

29. nov & 1. dez  Marcela Ruiz – Dance Training
6. dez Michel Schwarzkopf – Yoga
8. dez
Ben J. Riepe – Yoga
13. dez
Michel Schwarzkopf – Yoga
15 dez
Ben J. Riepe – Yoga

Info & Registration

FREIRAUM Salon #15
Jam Session
7 dez 2022, 6 pm

We want to end the year 2022 together with you in a lively Jam Session and at the same time get into the groove for the new year. Whether you are a dancer, photographer, actor, designer, singer, artist or researcher of all disciplines, you are warmly invited to let yourself drift artistically – without guidelines, a critical eye or rigid limitations. Info and registration 

“What about the Senses?” – School of Experience

The digital and analog sessions and workshops, which took place on three weekends, dealt with the ‘Ganzfeld-effect’ as well as with other concepts related to (performance) art. The workshop were designed by Ben J. Riepe and team as well as specially invited guests and experts from the fields of dance/ choreography, visual arts, philosophy, yoga, microbiology, meditation and music/ composition. More Infos >>