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The FREIRAUM operates in all indoor areas within the 3G-rule.
You are still obliged to wear a mask when using the Co-Working Space.
Out formats “FREIRAUM Salon”, as well as the “Start the Day Moving” (Bewegte Start in den Tag) will remain 2G-PLUS!

We look forward to seeing you!

Opening hours
FREIRAUM Co-Working Space

Open mo to fr, 10 am to 6 pm
Düsseldorf, Engelbertstr. 13

Start the day Moving

The “Bewegte Start in den Tag” is our morning format that offers a free training session twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for professionals as well as beginners.

In August with

Robert Schulz – Practicality in Movement
Kati Masami Menze – Breath & Movement
Hanna Maxi Schumacher – Kundalini Yoga
Alfonso Bordi – Floor Bar

Info & Registration

FREIRAUM Salon #11

August 10, 6 pm

Under the topic ‚Emotional Feedback in the Digital Space‘ we would like to discuss together with you and three invited experts Maren Butte (Theater Studies/Performance Studies, Heinrich Heine University), Marcus Lobbes (Director Academy for Theater and Digitality) and Mario Simon (Audio-Visual Media Technology, Academy for Theater and Digitality) how art that is presented in a digital format becomes a sensual or rather transcendental experience. More Infos


“What about the Senses?” – School of Experience

The digital and analog sessions and workshops, which took place on three weekends, dealt with the ‘Ganzfeld-effect’ as well as with other concepts related to (performance) art. The workshop were designed by Ben J. Riepe and team as well as specially invited guests and experts from the fields of dance/ choreography, visual arts, philosophy, yoga, microbiology, meditation and music/ composition. More Infos >>