FREIRAUM Community Lokal

FREIRAUM lives for and through its users, they form the heart – the community. Based in Düsseldorf, a place grows out of the local cultural scene that repeatedly brings together people, ideas, research and projects across disciplines and makes them visible. FREIRAUM is a free experimental space for artists, scientists, students, activists and interdisciplinary actors. In its open spaces, there are many opportunities for getting to know each other, trying things out, exchanging ideas and deepening projects and collaborations, which in the best-case scenario, end up in the formation of long-term, regional and supra-regional partnerships. Through regular discourse and meeting offers, such as the monthly “FREIRAUM Salon” or the weekly “Start the day Moving”, FREIRAUM users have the opportunity to get involved and learn together with other experts. In addition, there is the possibility of a low-threshold, free consultation in the areas of dramaturgy, application and project development by the FREIRAUM team.

The local FREIRAUM community ranges from spontaneous, informal encounters to intensive and long-term collaborations and friendships. In the coming years, the local community should become even closer while maintaining its low-hierarchy permeability to the outside world. The local FREIRAUM scene, with its individual protagonists from a wide variety of disciplines, forms a nucleus of impulses and alliances that spread and connect from the local to the global in a satellite-like manner.



The monthly FREIRAUM Salons serve the open exchange and interdisciplinary networking of the local and national scene. Experts from a wide range of genres meet in an informal setting at the Düsseldorf premises.
The next event is coming up on August 10: FREIRAUM Salon #11 ‘Emotional Feedback in the Digital Space’. More Info 

“What about the Senses?” – School of Experience

The digital and analog sessions and workshops, which took place on three weekends in 2022,  dealt, among other things, with the “Ganzfeld effect”, designed by Ben J. Riepe and team as well as specially invited guests and experts from the fields of dance/ choreography, visual arts, philosophy, yoga, microbiology, meditation and music/ composition. More Infos >>

Congress “Aufteilung des Sinnlichen”

On the weekend of May 20-22, the FREIRAUM in Düsseldorf will be the venue of the congress “Aufteilung des Sinnlichen: (Medien) Ästhetik und Politik in der Gegenwart” of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf (Department of Media and Cultural Studies), organized by Jun. Prof. Maren Butte and Diana Kasper. As part of the congress program, there will be a workshop and input by Ben J. Riepe on the opening day. More information here.


Summer School – »Sainte Réalité« Senses, Science and Sessions

10 days of experiencing and learning together with performances, showings, artistic & scientific inputs, experiential spaces, yoga & meditation impulses, excursions, workshops and late night sessions.

What about the Body?” – School of Experience

“What about the Body?” – School of Experience is a three-module project for and by students of four faculties. The project was initiated by Düsseldorf choreographer Ben J. Riepe and his team, and for the first time, it was realised within the framework of #TakePart, a support grant programme by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds provided by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media. More Info & Dokumentation